Jonathan King - 65 My Life So Far...

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Welcome to the site!

This is the official website for Jonathan King's autobiography.

E Book copies for Kindle and other tablets and readers are available through or

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Although the story starts on a pirate radio ship bobbing on the North Sea playing the new Number One, it actually begins 20 years earlier in 1944. Life in post war Britain, the boarding schools of the fifties and early sixties and the growing pop scene that conquered the world are all in this tale. From The Beatles to Top of the Pops, Jonathan King was there.

And then it develops from global music success to television, politics, journalism and radio culminating in the Old Bailey and the very cell occupied a century earlier by Oscar Wilde. Extraordinary revelations about life in prison jostle with anecdotes about John Lennon and Jimi Hendrix in this history of life over the past 65 years.

Some of it makes unpleasant reading, some is very funny, some is sad but most is happy. And a great deal could not have been revealed by anyone else. This is the real, true story of the most exciting period of British and American society as well as a fascinating insight by a character who occupied many roles in the drama.

Jonathan King has had the most extraordinary life.

In 65 years he has sold over 40 million copies as a singer and writer, from Everyone’s Gone To The Moon in 1965 and Una Paloma Blanca in 1975 to others such as The Sun Has Got His Hat On and Johnny Reggae under a variety of pseudonyms.

He discovered, named and/or produced Genesis and 10cc and The Rocky Horror Show, dominated television in the 1980s with Entertainment USA and No Limits, named and saved The Brits, won Eurovision for the UK, was named Man of the Year in 1997 and created the Record of the Year Show.

Meanwhile he was running Decca and UK Records, writing a weekly page in The Sun, standing for Parliament, turning down huge offers of cash and jobs and eventually getting monstered by the media, convicted and locked up for crimes that he did not commit and that never took place.

It makes for a fascinating read; he has always been in the middle of things, and this story reveals more about the last 65 years than many other histories. But his name provokes such extreme emotions that some people will feel they cannot be seen to be reading his life story. A good reason to do so.

Jonathan King - 65 My Life So Far